“When I say I hate straight people/men/etc I mean I hate the system.”

Then fucking say it, you lazy shits. Or is stating your opinion correctly a privilege now?


woah no this is not okay at all and let me tell you why

if someone says “i hate straight people” (like i commonly do), does logic really dictate that they mean literally every single straight person on the entire goddamn planet? the answer is no. if you really take people that literally and offend yourself then i’m pretty sure you’re part of the problem. please just stop.

no but turn the tables here

"I hate queer people"

if someone said that, they would be ripped to pieces ‘til the cows came home for being a bigot. they would then explain that they don’t mean all queer people and then they would be in trouble for not saying exactly what they mean

are you for real please tell me you’re joking oh my god

they would be ripped to pieces because for every person saying “i hate queer people” there’s another 20 000 of them and it’s xenophobic thinking like that that get queer people segregated, unemployed, beaten, killed, and just generally discriminated

a queer person saying “i hate straight people” does none of these because they don’t have that kind of power

opinion + power = oppression

"opinion + power = oppression"

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    I say I hate stupid people when I really mean I hate people.
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