okay seemingly random question here

without looking it up, how many of you have heard the song iris by the goo goo dolls?


I find it funny how some truscum like to conveniently forget the fact that there are tucutes/anti-truscum who have dysphoria but still think that it isn’t required to be trans.

i see a lot of truscum posts saying “remember that anti-truscum =/= nondysphoric” so yeah

Anonymous: Hi, this is Cracked-Reading anon, with your "How bad has Cracked become?" update, because I know it depresses you. Today, they published an article about rape on college campuses, and pulled out all the stops - the "1 in 5" myth, gendering sexual assault (every time it's mentioned it is explicitly gendered as men raping women), an entire entry that's basically "Men need to be taught not to rape!" Thanks Cracked, for contributing to our national rape hysteria embarrassment.


Ugh. Now I have to go look.

My all time favorite article on cracked was the red ring of death article. That would never happen now. They wouldn’t publish it in a million years now.



reminder that actingdelusionaleigh blamed an eight-year old rape victim and called his rapist the victim

and made up a story about a girl getting abused for notes (taking a girl’s photo after she was attack by a kangaroo)


Drawings of North Korean concentration camp by an escaped prisoner. 

Even though these are extremely creepy in nature, it’s important to note that this isn’t the past, but something that is happening right now.

Anonymous: So I'm bisexual myself and I was wondering how you feel about those girls that fetishize bi guys. I'm a bi girl, so there are a lot of creepy guys that see us as fap material, and I noticed that there are a lot of creepy girls who are like "OMG BI GUYS ARE SO SEXY". What's your opinion on those people? To be honest they're kinda creepy...

Uh yeah hun, I dated a girl who wanted to turn me, and I quote “99% gay”. So I know just what you’re talking about.

i keep seeing this girl i used to have a thing for (until she turned biphobic) in tumblr tags and thats the most real life analogue i’ve ever felt on the internet

"Anyone can be any gender."
"Some genders are POC only."


the amount of posts on this site that are like “ALL GIRLS HOT MOST BOYS UGLY” is disgusting and if you reblog any of them without any sort of commentary never ever claim yourself to be a proponent of body positivity or anything like it 





so many hot boys……. all of us 

maybe 5 hot girls 


the world 

change my post to something as disgusting as this ever again and i’ll rip out your throat and feed it to my dogs 

if literally just switching the genders can make you this angry you probably shouldn’t have made the post in the first place


ya know i hate to say this but please reblog the fuck out of this version of the post, this reaction is amazing and the point deserves to spread